"Features" refers to what is found in the space; it includes non-technical aspects like seating and blackboards but many are media-related like digital projectors, sound systems, and DVD players. Note in the Reservation forms, if an Area or building is selected, the Features section automatically updates to only include those found in at least one space within the Area or building.

Features listed on web

Audio, Sound System
AV Other, Document Camera
A camera pointing down on a surface where one can place paper documents and other objects to project them.
AV Other, Teleconference Equipment
The room has a phone line and, at minimum, a telephone with speakerphone capability. Some rooms have more sophisticated hardware to better pick up larger groups around a table.
Blackboard (all types)
May be wall-mounted or on wheels, may have multiple boards that slide manually or electrically
Chairs, Type - Movable
For cases when you want to be able to move the chairs around the room; many lecture halls and some classrooms have chairs fixed to the floor.
The room has a Windows or Mac OS X computer permanently installed in the room. It may be managed by Instructional Media Services and standardized or it may be the responsibility of the department that schedules the room.
Projector/Flat Panel Display (all types)
Smaller rooms use flat panel televisions to display videos, computer output, etc. Larger rooms use ceiling-mounted projectors.
Internet, WiFi
The room has coverage from at least one HUIT-managed wireless access point (network names "Harvard University," "Harvard Guest," etc.
The room has at least one microphone connected to a sound system for voice reinforcement of the presenter; it may be mounted on a lectern or table, some rooms have wireless lapel mics available.
Video, DVD Player
DVD Player that can play non-commercial discs and commercial discs sold in the U.S. and Canada (aka Region 1).
Video, DVD Player multi-region
These players can additionally play commercial discs sold outside the U.S./Canada region and discs formatted not only for NTSC but also PAL and SECAM (TV standards used in most European countries). Multi-region players also support
Whiteboard (all types)
May be wall-mounted or on wheels, may have multiple boards that slide manually or electrically

Other Features tracked in RoomBook

Schedulers can see more Features a room has using the EMS Client.

Air Conditioning
Audio Input, Auxiliary
Audio Input, Computer/audio player
1/8" stereo input jack good for connecting portable music players or a computer's "headphone" jack
Audio Input, XLR microphone
Audio, Assistive Listening System
Audio, Cassette Tape Player
Audio, CD Player
Audio, DAT Player
Audio, Turntable
Audio, Voice Reinforcement
AV Other, Overhead Transparency Projector
AV Other, Translation Booth
AV Other, Videoconference Equipment
Blackboard, Fixed
Blackboard, Movable
Blackboard, Sliding electric
Blackboard, Sliding manual
Chairs, Affixed Tablets
Chairs, Type - Fixed
Chairs, Type - Stuffed & Couches
Coat Rack
Computer, Mac
Computer, PC
Computer, PC (IMS managed)
Display, Computer/Video Projector
Display, Computer/Video Projector (Dual)
Display, Flat Panel
Display, HD Computer/Video Projector
Display, HD Computer/Video Projector (Dual)
Film Projector, 16mm
Film Projector, 35mm (Dual)
Flooring, Non-carpeted
Internet, Wired
Lectern, Fixed
Lectern, Height Adjustable
Lectern, Movable
Lectern, Tabletop
Microphone, Lectern
Microphone, Wired Lapel
Microphone, Wireless Handheld
Microphone, Wireless Lapel
Projection screen
Side Table
Slide Projector
Slide Projector, Dual
Slide Projector, Wireless Remote
TV (cable)
TV (satellite)
Video Input, Composite
Video Input, DVI
Video Input, HDMI
Video Input, VGA
Video, 3/4" U-matic Player
Video, Blu-ray Player
Video, Laser Disc Player
Video, Mini-DV Player
Video, Sony DV-Cam Player
Video, S-VHS Player
Video, S-VHS Player multi-standard
Video, VHS Player
Video, VHS Player multi-standard
Whiteboard, Fixed
Whiteboard, Movable
Whiteboard, Sliding
Window cover
Window cover, Blackout
Windows, Exterior
Windows, Interior
Windows, Skylight
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