Request a Room

To request a room, all users must log into RoomBook and select from My Reservation Templates which appear on the My Home page. Most users will choose a seasonal request form (Fall, January, Spring or Summer) depending on the time of year or the Academic Request form for course related events.

  1. Go to RoomBook
  2. Click on the FAS Shield Shields landing page
  3. Login with your Harvard Key
  4. If not already routed to Home, click the Home tab on the far left menu.
  5. Under "My Reservation Templates" choose the template most appropriate for your request. For more information, including booking policies, click the "about" button. 
  6. To create a reservation, click "book now" on the appropriate template.RoomBook My Home Screen
  7. Enter the Date and Time of the reservation. Note: for ongoing meetings with multiple dates, click the Recurrence button.
  8. You can create a reservation in two ways. Options A and B are Let Me Search For A Room. Option C is I Know What Room I Want
    1. (Optional) Under Let Me Search For A Room, you can Add/Remove Locations to narrow your search to a group of buildings or Filter By Area. To book space managed by the Registrar's office, choose Views and select Registrar Booked Spaces.
    2. (Optional) Under Let Me Search For A Room, you can Add/Remove Room Types and Features. This will immediately filter your results. Entering the Number of People here will immediately filter rooms that have at least that capacity. Room Types and Features list varies based on optional Areas and Facilities selections, omitting room types and/or features not found in any of the rooms within the area or building.
    3. (Optional) Under I Know What Room I Want, you can search for specific rooms by name, aka room number. For example, if you enter "110" a list will drop down of all 110 rooms, including Boyston, Sever, Northwest, and Science Center, to choose from. Once chosen it will prompt for at least No. of Attendees. Once entered you can Add Room, and the room, if available, will be added to your reservation. Search for a room
  9. Select a room by clicking its green plus sign icon, to the left of the room name. Note: white space indicates the room is available, blue indicates it is already booked. Also, if there are many rooms, the list can be scrolled up and down. Your room selection will appear at the top of the page, under Selected Room. You can click the "X" icon to remove the selection.
  10. Click the Next Step button at the top right of the page.
  11. Enter Reservation Details.
    1. Enter Event Name and Event Type.
    2. Select the Group applicable to the event, if it is not already selected
    3. Select 1st Contact. Note: the email address may automatically be filled in. (Optional) Enter a phone number (x9-9999 format is sufficient for campus numbers, off-campus numbers should include the area code)
    4. Enter any additional information. Answers that are required will be outlined in red, with an asterisk next to the question. Reservation Details

12. Click Create Reservation

.Create Reservation

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