About FAS RoomBook

RoomBook is the online scheduling system for FAS Classroom Buildings, Sandwich Boards, the Student Organization Center at Hilles, the Plaza, select outdoor spaces, Leverett Light Court Seminar Room, and Mather House (residents only).


All undergraduates in the College can log into RoomBook with their HUID and PIN.  Available forms depend on your various affiliations:

  • Student Organization Officers:  Student leaders have a variety of forms they can use to request rooms, sandwich boards, and outdoor spaces on behalf of their group.  If you are listed as an officer in theHub, then you automatically have access to RoomBook for your group.  Changes made in theHub take 24 hours to be updated in RoomBook.  If you have confirmed that you have been listed as an officer in theHub for at least 24 hours and and do not have the appropriate permissions, contact the SOCH Student Engagement team - soch@fas.harvard.edu.
  • Mather House Residents- Residents in Mather have access to a House-specific form for reservation of common-spaces.  If you are a current resident in Mather and do not have access to this form, contact the RoomBook Administrator.
  • All other students are able to log into RoomBook, but have no access to forms. 
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