Event Type

When requesting a space, please select an event type which closely matches your room use.  For many reasons, it's important to categorize events as best as possible.

Academic Course
Academic Lecture
Concert/ Performance
Conference/ Forum/ Symposium
Demonstration/ Rally/ Vigil
Discussion Section
Exhibit/ Fair/ Festival
Film Screening
Late Night Social Event
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Room Types

Art Studio
includes a variety of performance spaces, rehearsal spaces, and studios
Computer Lab
equipped with computers for hands-on instruction
Conference Room
most seating around a table, like a Seminar Room but not used for classes
Lecture Hall
larger capacity, fixed seating, with a slope or steps
Multipurpose/Meeting Space
Outdoor Space
Residential Common Room
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"Features" refers to what is found in the space; it includes non-technical aspects like seating and blackboards but many are media-related like digital projectors, sound systems, and DVD players. Note in the Reservation forms, if an Area or building is selected, the Features section automatically updates to only include those found in at least one space within the Area or building.

Features listed on web

Audio, Sound System
AV Other, Document Camera
A camera pointing down on a surface where one can...
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Other Resources

Mainly links to other related sites. IMS's Room Information, FAS Registrar, room/event scheduling sites for other Schools, etc.


General policy information pertaining to some or all spaces