Responding to Requests

All requests should be responded to, whether they are approved, declined, or waitlisted/tentative. Once a decision has been made regarding a request and its status has been appropriately updated, respond using the following steps:

  1. Start from the "Navigator" screen, i.e. the main screen for a reservation. Ensure that you have the top-level folder in the left hand pane selected.
  2. Click the "Confirmation" button on the far-left.
  3. The confirmation setup window will appear. At the top, select "Generic Approval" or "Generic Decline" or any other custom templates set...
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There are many different statuses used for reservations, each with their own meaning. However, there are only four types:

Book Space
Will create conflict with other reservations
Will not create conflict with other reservations
Info Only
Will not create conflict with other reservations

"On Web" means the reservation will be visible to users in RoomBook.


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Dashboard Management

1. Clear the Dashboard of notifications that do not fall in your approval time range by highlighting applicable notifications and clicking Reviewed on the right side of the screen.

Sample dashboard with rows selected and Reviewed button highlighted.

2. Review notifications starting with the...

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